Objective SM-110 Finger Pulse Oximeter Review

Objective SM-110 Finger Pulse Oximeter ReviewAt the present time, the SM-110 finger pulse oximeter is the best selling pulse oximeter available. This unit boasts a consumer rating of 4.7 out of 5, making the SM-110 the highest rated model on the market. Because of its popularity, and the information I have on this model as an owner, I decided it was in the best interest of my visitors to offer an objective analysis of what other people are saying about the SM-110.

First, it is important to note that consumer feedback on the SM-110 finger pulse oximeter, which may be viewed by clicking the picture to your right, has been established for well over two years. An analysis of feedback from the past to present offers a comparative analysis from which to judge. Unlike other fingertip pulse oximeters, the SM-110 carries a long history of superior ratings provided by hundreds of unbiased owners. This is especially important since design or manufacturing changes often impact the quality of home medical devices which are controlled by precision electronic circuitry.

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How Does the SM-110 Finger Pulse Oximeter Work?

SpO2 FormulaTo fully understand how to use a SM-110 finger pulse oximeter, it is important to learn how your body processes oxygen. Because of this, we offer a brief educational opportunity here for you to learn more about oxygenation process and how it applies to modern day pulse oximetry.

As we breathe, oxygen within the air is transferred from our lungs and into the blood. Our blood then transfers this oxygen into the body’s tissues. This process is called oxygenation and is critical to sustain life. There are two ways to measure the amount of oxygen in blood, with one generating a calculation based on a curved SpO2 formula and the other being a more accurate SaO2 formula. Below we will discuss the difference between SpO2 and SaO2.

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Where to Get a SM-110 Pulse Oximeter

SM-110 Pulse OximeterThe SM-110 finger pulse oximeter, which is produced by Santa Medical, is one of the leading pulse oximeters on the market. The accuracy of this unit rivals its competitors for a fraction of the cost. With this product, you can easily determine your blood oxygen level and pulse rate.

Although many people use the SM-110 for fitness related applications, the SM-110 is frequently used by those at home which are suffering from medical conditions involving the heart and lungs. For example, those with asthma, emphysema and other COPD classified disorders must be keenly aware of what their blood oxygen level is. The SM-110 will help these people log daily readings so that they may chart the daily variations in their SpO2 and seek medical assistance if necessary.

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What is a Pulse Oximeter?

A pulse oximeter is a medical device that indirectly monitors the oxygen saturation (SpO2) of a patient’s blood and changes in blood volume in their skin, producing a photoplethysmogram. A pulse oximeter is typically attached to a medical monitor so medical staff can monitor a patient’s oxygenation at all times. Most of these monitors also display the patient’s heart rate. Portable, battery-operated pulse oximeters are also available for home blood oxygen monitoring, which easily attaches to an individual’s fingertip.

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SM-110 Finger Pulse Oximeter Reviews

When it comes to any product, particularly those sold online, having quick access to reviews is important. For medical devices, it is even more critical to be a wise shopper. Thankfully, there are plenty of objective and sincere reviews available for the SM-110 finger pulse oximeter that may be viewed by clicking on the image to the right.

Since I personally own the SM-110 finger pulse oximeter, my opinion is that you will not find a better value for your money. This unit is packed with features found in more expensive units and is sold at a fraction of the cost. And the SM-110’s accuracy? Let’s put it this way, the SM-110 is just as accurate as the pulse oximeters found in doctor’s offices. How do I know? I compared my pulse oximeter to my doctor’s at my last appointment!

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SM-110 Finger Pulse Oximeter Technical Specifications

One of the best pulse oximeters presently available is the SM-110. It’s not just the price that makes this unit the leading device on the market, but its overall value and accuracy. For example, no other pulse oximeter comes with both a matching carrying case and strap. Whether you will need to store your SM-110 or attach the strap to your wrist as you run, the SM-110 has it all!

To get an idea of how the SM-110 stacks up against other fingertip attached pulse oximeters, just take a look at the technical specifications below.

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